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              Vizo is a tool that combines the simplicity of business model canvas
              with the innovation power of mash-up method.


              The most powerful way to build the business models not written yet.



              Knowledge is power! Try to understand the How-to behind the scene of each business strategy. What's happening in the market landscape?

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              RISK MITIGATION


              96% of innovation adventures fail due to a wrong business model choice. Make smarter decisions.

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              Differentiation matters. Inspire yourself by hacking your creativity. Find the right innovation path.

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              Here is the infographic of the
              BMC of vizo, we have created vizologi
              with this tool, you can do it too!

              Plans to suit everyone

              Yearly $9 per month $108 billed yearly once you upgrade after trial | cancel anytime
              Monthly $19 per month billed monthly after trial | cancel anytime
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              What do you get:

              • Premium data
              • Cognition as a Service
              • Data analytics
              • Search engine & filters
              • Playlists creation
              • Portfolio management
              • Canvas design
              • SWOT analysis
              • Exportation and sharing

              Make it happen!

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